The silence of the Cuckoo

Lenght: 52'
Directed by: Pierre Nikolić
Production: Nikop's Paris
Genre: Rural fiction
In many European countries, the mowing season was one of the most important periods of the year. In order to preserve his mail strength which he will vent on the grass in the days to come, a men used to part from his wife and go to bed alone.

At the end of the hardship, deprivation, prohibition, ther is not a single mower who does not dream of setting himself, once a year, on the road leading to the place called Paradise Mountain.

As well as his ancestors, Miliyan himself gets ready for the long journey. Is he going to mow the mountain and hold his wife Marie in his arms again.

Above the Mountains

Lenght: 26'
Directed by: Marc Richaud, Predrag Pierre Nikolić
Production: Nikop's Paris
Genre: Documentary
Far away from world disasters, in the very heart of mountainous Dragačevo, the trumpet has slowly become the indinspensable part of nearly all man's activities.

Passing the tradition from father to son, depriving themselves from plum brandy and the caresses of their wives because of the love for this brass instrument, the orchestra of Milovan Petrović starts and ends the festivities dedicated to field and orchard works ; in the long nights to come, it brings joy to village meetings.

The orchestra also plays by brandy destileries, lime and charcoal kilns until the day when the old cannon fires and the surrounding hills shiver with the sounds of the hymn of Dragačevo festival played by Milovan Petrović together with other 200 great masters of the trumpet. This hymn is dedicated to the two mountains which surround Guča and to young shepard girl who waits for her darling. Although he is the owner of the "master letter", the greatest recognition for a trumpet player, at each new festival, in the fire of competition, in front of other competitors and the audience who never has enough of his playing, Milovan seems to forget immediately his famous past. Is he going to win this year again ?

This is an homage to Milovan-Mića Petrović who died a few years ago after the shooting of this movie. The film is a unique testimony of his work and fame, as well as of the original intention of the Dragačevo brass festival.

The Scent of Brass

Lenght: 70' 49''
Directed by: Predrag Pierre Nikolić
Production: Nikop's Paris
Coproduction: Vision Team Belgrade
Genre: Documentary
The case of Dejan Petrović, the young musician from the Balkans, is the splendid example of how the trumpet continues to live from generation to generation.

At the same time, on the other side of Europe, in France, the tradition of brass orchestras is also alive at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Formed in the year 2000 at the Versailles Architecture School, the "Tzi Slav Orchestra" goes into the conquest of the Balkans, taking part in the biggest brass festival, Guča 2006.